Lychee: Nutrition and Health Benefits


Lychee likewise spelled litchi or lichi is a little rounded fruit with sweet white scented tissue, a large focal stone and a slight harsh skin. The fruit is normally eaten raw however can likewise be canned or dried. The kind of the new mash is fragrant and musky, and the dried mash is acidic and sweet.


1. According to USDA, per 100g of Lychee contain 66 calories of energy.

2. It also carry Carbohydrate (17g), Protein (0.8g) and a low amount of Fat (0.4g).

3. Besides, Avocado contain different vitamins and minerals including- Vitamin (B, C, E, K), Calcium, Iron, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc etc.

Health Benefits:

1. Lychee contain antioxidants- Epicatechin, Rutin and Vitamin C that protect you from cancer.

2. It also contain Copper and Potassium that control high blood pressure and gives you a healthy heart.

3. Flavanols present in Lychee is an anti-inflammatory agent and reduce inflammation.

4. Vitamin C in Lychee prevent flu and help you to boost your immune system.

5. Lychee is also effective to protect from asthma.

6. Consuming Lychee in regular diet helps to promotes proper appetite and metabolism and helps maintain optimal body weight.

7. Several experiment indicates that, Lychee extract may help fight liver cancer.

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